Google introduces machine-learning products for nine Indian languages

Audrey Hill
April 25, 2017

The company says it will now translate the user reviews that appear in Google Search results and Google Maps into the language you have set on your device, so you can read them in your own language. Last month, for example, the company said that it was expanding A.I. -powered translation to support more languages, including Russian, Hindi and Vietnamese.

GNMT (Google Neural Machine Translation) was announced by the company previous year, via a research paper. In fact, 68% Internet users consider local language digital content to be more reliable than English. Using human-rated side-by-side comparison as a metric, the GNMT system produces translations that are vastly improved compared to the previous phrase-based production system.

This will enable the Indian language speakers to consume all of the web's content in nine Indian languages with higher quality translations of everything. That will now change.

Google India has announced the launch of new line of products with advanced machine learning for Indian languages.

So why is this rollout crucial for Google? Now, a joint report by Google and KPMG expects another 300 million Indian language users to come online in the next four years.

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Google India has also unwrapped the new Hindi dictionary in Google Search. Drop him a mail anytime, very reachable.

The neural machine translation is available in Chrome and Maps to make the translation process seamless and refined.

The feature takes advantage of Google's increasingly more powerful language translation platform, which the company has been augmenting using A.I. technologies.

Google said it does one billion translations everyday and 95% of Google Translate has its usage outside of the US. "We're taking a huge step forward to bring down the barriers that stop Indian language users to get more out of the internet and also help the Industry to solve for the needs of billion Indians", Anandan added.

Like Google Indic Keyboard, Gboard offers auto-correction and prediction in these new languages, plus two layouts for each-one in the native language script and one with the QWERTY layout for transliteration, which lets users spell words phonetically using the QWERTY alphabet and get text output in their native language script.

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