Live donkey fed to tigers in China zoo

Audrey Hill
June 7, 2017

Tourists at the zoo in Yancheng city, China, were shocked to see as a helpless donkey was chucked into a moat and fed to a group of hungry tigers.

Newspaper Xiandai Kuaibao (in Chinese) said that after the donkey was pushed in, zoo staff managed to stop the shareholders from tossing sheep into the moat.

He tried to swim away but was caught by the tiger.

The investors responsible for the feeding frenzy reportedly attempted to take the donkey and other zoo animals out of the zoo in order to sell them, but were stopped by security, according to South China Morning Post.

The zoo authorities said the shareholders had tossed the donkey to the tigers "in a fit of rage", and apologized to the public for the incident.

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The zoo has apologised for the incident and pledged that it will never happen again. The assets of the zoo was frozen two years ago after a legal tussle with another firm.

Social media users were united in condemning the actions of the investors and called for the zoo to better protect its animals. The donkey is then nearly immediately pounced on by one of the felines, and is later killed and eaten.

Several animals died because the zoo could not obtain permits to transport them elsewhere for medical treatment.

What was so disturbing and upsetting for me was seeing the donkey so reluctant to get into the water and it actually had to be pushed in by zoo workers.

The zoo said it had "launched emergency procedures" to control the situation and was meeting with shareholders, urging them to reach a consensus to prevent any further aggressive behaviour.

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