Trump just revoked an Obama amnesty program for illegal aliens

Violet Tucker
June 17, 2017

DACA allows for immigrants who came to the United States as children, known as "Dreamers", to obtain work permits and remain in the country legally. Reports suggest that as of March 31, about 787,000 young immigrants had been approved under DACA, the Associated Press reported.

Five years after President Barack Obama put the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in place, the Trump administration has officially announced it will continue the program that protects hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation.

"Prior to implementation of DAPA, twenty-six states challenged the policies established in the DAPA memorandum in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas".

"DAPA and DACA are two different programs", a spokeswoman for DHS said.

Almost 800,000 young, undocumented immigrants are covered by the program, and "there is importance in lifting that up, making sure we protect it and continuing to fight", he said.

In exchange for registering with the government, DACA recipients were allowed to remain in the US and were given the ability to legally work and study in the country without fear of deportation. The program served to protect undocumented immigrants living in the United States and whose children are American citizens.

However, Trump has seemed to reverse his stance on DACA, as The New York Times reported today (June 16).

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Because a child born in the a de facto USA citizen, immigration laws created a system by which the government was effectively deporting its own citizens when it forced the undocumented parents of a US -born child to leave the country, because the child would typically be taken with them. After Obama announced its creation in 2014, 26 states led by Texas sued the federal government to block it, and it has been sitting in limbo after a judge temporarily enjoined it. Unlike under Obama, the Trump administration is arresting more undocumented immigrants with no criminal records and pursuing a wall on the southwestern border.

While President Obama had pushed in many reforms for immigrants, a record number of 2 million deportations were executed during his administration.

The protection program for parents, like the one for young immigrants, was created with a policy memo, not by legislation.

It comes amid a tough crackdown on illegal immigration ordered by President Donald Trump. Both programs required that participants meet certain conditions, including not having a history of serious crimes. "I appreciate the commitment and intend to hold them to it".

The move is the most solid sign yet that Trump will make good on his post-election promise not to go after that specific group of immigrants, a reversal of his campaign rhetoric.

The Trump administration will continue to allow reprieve for immigrants who illegally entered the children.

But Trump's decision must be seen in the context of his overall immigration enforcement strategies - because despite this development, immigrants continue to live in fear across the country. "We're going to take care of everybody", Trump said during an interview with ABC.

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