Shocking video of police shooting wasn't enough to convict

Violet Tucker
June 22, 2017

Moments later, Reynolds and her daughter were put in the back of a patrol auto, where the 4-year-old repeatedly hugs her mother to comfort her. The officer responds, "My supervisor is going to be with you, OK, ma'am".

Her father, Charles, also told media that he could not understand why they used lethal force. But, he says he became alarmed when "as soon as I get up to the auto, I'm hit with a odor of burning marijuana".

Rear-seat camera video released by authorities shows Diamond Reynolds with her daughter in the back of the police squad vehicle.

The investigation file contains evidence shown at trial, as well as other pieces of evidence not introduced at trial.

Officer Yanez repeatedly orders Mr Castile not to reach for the weapon before firing seven times into the auto and shooting him dead. In the video, the young girl repeatedly told her mother to keep quiet. MPR News has decided not to post the video because of its sensitive nature and the child's involvement.

Reynolds is seen screaming "F***!" in the heartbreaking video. She's patient one minute and yells and curses the next. He took him away from us (crying).

In an earlier incident on June 5, officers were sent to Lyle's residence after her former boyfriend arrived unannounced at her apartment.

"I thought I was gonna die and I thought if he's, if he has the guts and the audacity to smoke marijuana in front of the five-year-old girl and risk her lungs and risk her life by giving her secondhand smoke and the front seat passenger doing the same thing, then what care does he give about me", Yanez told the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

In a video recorded from the dash camera of the police cruiser that was also released following the jury's decision, the audio clearly shows that Castile tells Yanez that he is carrying a firearm while reaching for his wallet.

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"I feel like it's 10 times worse now", said Sibet, who is white.

Although Tom understands why a jury, who may be willing to give any cop the "benefit of the doubt", would acquit Yanez of manslaughter in the recent trial, he thinks that the officer acted recklessly and shouldn't have a badge again.

"I wish this town was safer ..." "I don't want it to be like this anymore".

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minnesota police officer who pulled over Philando Castile politely told the black driver that his brake lights were out and calmly instructed him not to pull out his handgun before suddenly drawing his own weapon and firing seven rounds into the vehicle, a video showed.

Reynolds shifts in her seat with her hands behind her back.

"I'm scared", the little girl whimpers. Reynolds said he was trying to retrieve his wallet, which contained his driver's license and auto registration. They pray for Castile.

While this is happening, Officer Yanez is being driven to the St. Anthony Police Department to be processed for evidence.

In an interview the BCA asked Yanez, "So, the reason that you told them about the taillight was an attempt not to escalate the situation?" But they don't allow her to do that.

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