Another leadership test for Pelosi, who's weathered many

Marsha Scott
June 25, 2017

According to Politico, Pelosi spent a good chunk of her weekly news conference defending her long-time position as the Democratic leader in the House. "Someone has got to step up and run". Six months into a Trump presidency they still think they can somehow undo, Democrats still don't realize that their problem is their old and exhausted message and their old and exhausted messengers.

Pelosi's comments came directly following a secret afternoon meeting of a dozen Democratic lawmakers, discussing how they could potentially replace Pelosi as the party's leader in the House ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

My impression is that none of the Democrats (except maybe Archie Parnell in South Carolina's 5th District) had the political skills and local appeal that enabled so many Democrats to win Republican-leaning seats in the 1970s and hold them in the 1980s.

Trump's tweets, old and new, left many perplexed about whether there was motive or strategy behind the whole affair.

Up until the second the polls closed, Democrats and their cheerleaders in the media were calling the Handel-Ossoff race an important referendum on the Trump presidency.

That doesn't mean Republicans can expect cakewalks. They argue that Democratic candidates will have a better shot on Election Day if they're not tied to Pelosi.

Ossoff clearly failed, though, to convince Trump voters to cross over or stay home.

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"Republicans blew through millions to keep a ruby-red seat, and in their desperate rush to stop the hemorrhaging, they've returned to demonizing the party's strongest fund-raiser and consensus builder", Drew Hammill, Pelosi's deputy chief of staff, told The New York Times.

At minimum, their common sense on issues have to be challenged directly in ways that incentivize them to go from being opposed to Democrats to being open to voting for them. He got nine times as many individual donations from Californians than Georgians, newspaper reports show. "If elected, I will not vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker". In the eyes of many voters, she remains a lightning rod that represents all that is wrong in Washington. Techniques in Republican-controlled states such as limiting the availability of polling places in heavily Democratic areas have added to the Democrats' disadvantage, along with photo ID requirements that are harder for the poor to meet, and the disenfranchisement of ex-felons, who are disproportionately Black, Latino, and Native American.

Said Rice: "The Republican playbook has been very successful. I thrive on competition, and I welcome the discussion", she said. Still, it's wrong to put all the blame on Ms. Pelosi. "But she certainly is one of the reasons".

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich also spoke of the potent tool Pelosi is for Republicans to use against Congressional Democrats.

Despite being blamed for having a "toxic" brand that turns voters off, Pelosi is credited for being a successful fundraiser for the party.

"I am not going to Monday morning quarterback on Jon Ossoff's race, which was a remarkable race, an incredible gain from where the last Republican that ran was 22 points up, and we were two points lower than 50 percent, in a race that was not supposed to ever even be feasible", Orrock declared. Much of what President Trump ran on may have been abhorrent, but it wasn't vague.

Democrats have huge structural disadvantages to overcome in most elections.

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