Google introduces enhanced news feed on app

Marsha Scott
July 20, 2017

Google also appears to be trying to steer clear of the echo chamber effect of having only news whose views support in search results. For us, the feed was dominated by consumer technology news, plus some of the larger political stories of the day.

Effectively replacing Google Now, much of the feed is taken up by news stories related to what you generally search for and read online. Thakur says the Google feed breaks you out of that, because it's based on the same search algorithm that crawls and ranks the entire Internet, not just what your friends share.

Google and Facebook - which both make their money by selling advertising - are in a constant tug of war. "It will just be without a query". The search bar remains at the top, followed by your shortcut icons and a series of cards based on your interests. Users will be able to unfollow topics or adjust their settings.

The new feed for the main Google app is now available for iOS and Android device users in the United States. The company is looking to bring it to mobile web browsers, although it didn't say when.

Most of the features are not new - they were a thing back when Google Now was used.

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"It should have roughly the same behavior" as a news feed, Thakur said. Eighty-seven percent of the company's first quarter revenue were generated from selling ads. In an era of fake news and heavily biased opinions presented as news, Google is also making an effort to provide information from diverse perspectives. The app should update automatically when the upgrade is available.

"Editorial Pages" as you might have guessed already, will feature handpicked applications and games by the Google Play editors. Powered by machine learning, it will shape itself around you and your interests, filtering out the wheat from the chaff and only providing you with relevant information at any time. The data could come from search to calendar entries on the phone to places visited and logged into Maps. Here one can "Follow" a topic in order to help Google customize your content.

Gomes said the new feed will not include paid content at the onset, but he did not rule that out in the future.

Similar to Facebook, Google is introducing the ability to add and subtract certain topics of interest. "It's about learning something and taking it a step further. All the things we do in search will carry over", the expert said. As always with its search algorithm, Google declined to share how it does this.

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