Elon Musk: NY-Philly-DC-Baltimore Hyperloop approved by government

Audrey Hill
July 21, 2017

The concept that's taking shape blends two of Musk's passions that have been considered secondary to his day jobs as the CEO of the SpaceX rocket venture and the Tesla electric vehicle and battery venture.

Musk posted a tweet Thursday claiming that The Boring Company had received "verbal (government) approval" to build an underground Hyperloop from NY to the District of Columbia. Musk said it would be better to have at least two or three-country coalitions striving to get there first and making the most progress.

On 19 July, Elon Musk announced that his company would be redesigning its Mars landing plans and moving away from the previous Red Dragon lander.

Now, a tweet claiming "verbal government approval" is not official by any means, and it could just be the result of a garbled phone call between Musk and Trump.

That leaves us with the million dollar question: Who gave Musk the green light?

Representatives of the U.S. Department of Transportation were not immediately available to respond to Musk's assertion; the federal government would presumably have some say over such a venture. He first talked it up on Twitter in December, and while some took it as a joke, Musk is serious and ready to dig.

So far, The Boring Company has spawned many puns, but not much progress in terms of reaching Musk's goal.

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Musk's plans for the East Coast were met with skepticism, especially in New York City, where commuters there are in the midst of the "summer of hell".

The hyperloop would be built underground, says Musk, and would allow travel between NYC and D.C.in just 29 minutes. He has described a network of underground tunnels ferrying self-driving cars at high speeds as a solution to urban congestion.

The hyperloop would cut the almost three-hour train ride or more than four-hour auto ride down to a mere 29 minutes and include stops in Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Hyperloops are underground, extremely high-speed rail systems.

Musk added that his tunnel digging process wouldn't disturb people above ground.

The Hyperloop system would travel in a tunnel dug by Elon Musk's new Boring Company, and Musk claims that it would do DC to NY in 29 minutes. "Makes a big difference if they hear from you", he wrote.

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