Netflix's Final 'Defenders' Trailer Puts Spotlight on Sigourney Weaver's Villain

Marcus Newton
August 19, 2017

She notices that the four heroes - Luke Cage (Mike Colter), Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), Daredevil (Charlie Cox) and Iron Fist (Finn Jones) - have formed a bond, but she promises that it's temporary. Of course, Daredevil has lost his goal since losing his friends and the love of his life. And who should end up needing a good, affordable attorney?

It all leads to The Defenders episodes which debuted on Netflix over the weekend and directly precede The Inhumans IMAX premiere on September 1.

Murdock and Jones butt heads from the start as they realise they're both investigating something that connects to an evil scheme too big for the both of them. She must be the supervillain with the most number of hobbies and personal interests.

The achilles heel of the Defenders quad is Jones' Iron Fist. For anyone who needs a reminder of what the heck these characters have been doing, or maybe skipped Iron Fist for relatively obvious reasons, here's a video crash course. Jones is likeable, Iron Fist is not. It isn't until late in episode two that any of the quartet run into one another, and it'll be later still before they get together as a group. Yes, I would rather THE DEFENDERS had arrived earlier. But they're going to have to become one to defeat Alexandra. It's a treat to watch.

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As we've mentioned, the four members of the team have all had their own Netflix series to set them up for the show (with Daredevil having had two series of its own before this run), and each of these have been to mixed reception. But this isn't Iron Fist.

It's probably best not to cross Sigourney Weaver, if the new and final "The Defenders" trailer is any indication. They include nurse Claire, who was featured in all four of the series and helped patch up the various heroes when they were seriously hurt.

As though Marvel's Defenders knows that its fans have been waiting for years for this union of individualist forces. Daredevil wants no part of Stick's involvement, but Stick is multiple steps ahead of the team when it comes to understanding just what type of threat they're facing.

And Weaver is already one of the best villains in the entire Marvel Universe, cinematic or TV. Weaver, who usually raises the temperature of any waters simply by dipping a toe in them, struggles mightily here; the show puts her in a series of awful costumes and saddles her with uninspiring dialogue, which she delivers with the perfunctory air it deserves.

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