United Kingdom government increases support for victims of Irma

Glen Mclaughlin
September 14, 2017

Opposition politicians have compared Britain's response unfavorably to that of France, which has sent more than 1,000 troops, police and emergency workers to its territories of St. Martin and St. Barts, and had two frigates positioned in the area ahead of the storm.

The hurricane, which was later downgraded from a Category 5 to a Category 2 storm, also hit Florida, where another 12 people were killed and hundreds of thousands displaced.

"We had a serious threat of a complete breakdown of law and order in the British Virgin Islands (BVI)", junior foreign minister Alan Duncan said to Parliament.

"In my home at night, we are locked in like a bunker", said Conn Davis, a British Virgin Islands resident, told NBC News.

An MoD spokesman said: "By the end of the evening there will be well over 100 marines and troops on the island, their priority will be establishing security and law and order before providing humanitarian assistance before the arrival of Hurricane Jose". I am pleased to say that 48 hours later we have been able significantly to reinforce the Marines.

"We have maintained and kept law and order on the BVI, which at one point, could have dramatically threatened the already unfortunate plight of those who had been hit by the hurricane", he said.

United Kingdom government increases support for victims of Irma

It is not clear whether all the 100 fugitives have been taken back to prison.

His trip comes after the United Kingdom government was criticised for its perceived slow and inadequate response to help affected communities in its overseas territories.

Britain ooday announced an extra £25 million (RM139 million) in aid for its territories in the Caribbean that have been devastated by Hurricane Irma.

Over 40 metric tonnes of DFID aid has now arrived and is being distributed across the region, including 2,896 shelter kits, which can provide shelter for over 14,000 people and 4,990 solar lanterns (which can provide light and power for over 20,000 people).

Branson has since remained in the Caribbean and has deployed his private yacht Necker Belle to carry supplies from Barbados to the worst-hit islands across the Caribbean.

UK Government will aid match public donations to the Red Cross appeal up to £3 million.

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