Meet Agent Tequila in this new clip for Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Calvin Saunders
September 21, 2017

"There's so many options, but I also think it's better not to be too greedy".

The first Kingsman movie, The Secret Service, was well received by audiences and critics (74% at Rotten Tomatoes).

My quality indicator has finally been proven to be wrong.

Any initial apprehension over a US-centric sequel taking away the "Britishness" of Kingsman - heart and soul of the original 2015 film - quickly dissipates, as The Golden Circleretains its Brit humour and sentiments. Why did we care about anything in the first movie then? A flashy pursuit (set to Prince's timeless Let's Go Crazy) in a taxi through the streets of central London follows, Eggsy eventually escaping to attend a dinner with love-of-his-life Princess Tilde (a returning Hanna Alström) and her parents in her homeland of Sweden. (FYI, Vaughn and Goldman, the mouth contains plentiful mucus membranes).

The new dynamic between Eggsy and the team is excellent, and the Statesman reveal themselves as counterparts fun of the gentlemen spies, the other side of the world. They must work together to find Poppy, take down her band of vicious henchman, save Elton John (yes), and find the antidote to cure the world's growing population who are infected with the deadly virus. Even when Kingsman: The Golden Circle goes off the rails, and it inevitably does, this cracked caper wears you down with action and giggles.

Some of the insane action sequences come courtesy of Pedro Pascal's Agent Whiskey, who has a wicked electric whip that he unleashes with much fury and accuracy. Channing Tatum and Halle Berry (as Tequila and Ginger Ale, respectively) may be on the movie's posters, but their roles are tiny. "He wanted that to be real and that to be the fate of that character".

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The Oscar-winning actress has joined the Kingsman spy franchise as the main villain Poppy, the head of a drug cartel, who has her own small town called PoppyLand hidden in the Cambodian jungle, complete with diner, salon and theatre, where Elton serves as the resident performer.

There's also a great extended cameo from Bruce Greenwood's very relevant president, and another from Emily Watson's Chief of Staff Fox. Even Moore does most of her villainy via video conference.

While speaking with CinemaBlend, Kingsman: The Golden Circle director Matthew Vaughn said he wants to develop a Fantastic Four movie, as a consolation of sorts to fellow fans who've been disappointed by the previous features.

Chris Van Vliet: "Did you know when you were making the first movie that there would be a second one?"

Vaughn also told Collider that it got to the point that the studio actually considered splitting the movie into two, releasing The Golden Circle: Part 1 and The Golden Circle: Part 2.

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