North Korea's Kim: 'Mentally Deranged' Trump Proves Nukes Were 'Correct Path'

Glen Mclaughlin
September 24, 2017

It will also ban imports of textiles from North Korea.

The angry response also came after the USA on Thursday sharply ramped up sanctions aimed at curtailing North Korea's nuclear weapons drive, targeting the regime's trading partners with a sweeping ban on business.

But Beijing fears pressuring Kim's regime into collapse, triggering a flood of refugees across its border and eliminating a strategic buffer separating China from the United States military in South Korea.

With South Korea's capital located just 35 miles from the border, the North could wreak devastation on the city, which has a population of over 25 million in its metropolitan area. In his speech to the U.N., Trump vowed to "totally destroy" North Korea if provoked.

Two South Korean officials at the Korea Meteorological Administration told CNN that their analysis so far suggests Saturday's seismic activity around the nuclear site was not caused by an explosion or a collapse of the site.

Trump responded by tweeting that Kim is "obviously a madman who doesn't mind starving or killing his people".

"I doubt the three Generals in the White House approved President Trump's call "to totally destroy North Korea,"' said Ann Wright, retired US Army Colonel and former US diplomat".

The United States and South Korea are technically still at war with North Korea because the 1950-53 Korean conflict ended with a truce and not a peace treaty.

"We have prepared for the final battle against the gangster-like United States imperialists for many years".

Kim had called Trump a "mentally deranged USA dotard" a day earlier after Trump said Washington would "totally destroy" North Korea if it threatened the United States or its allies.

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The pair were at odds over President Trump's speech at the United Nations General Assembly, in which he threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea if forced to do so in defence of the USA or its allies.

North Korea says it needs to have a nuclear deterrent because the United States intends to invade it. Analysts say the North is likely to soon achieve its objective of possessing nuclear missiles capable of reaching any part of the USA homeland.

China is North Korea's most important trading partner, and one of its only sources of hard currency.

Media captionWas your T-shirt made in North Korea?

Kim said Trump would face "results beyond his expectation", without specifying what action North Korea would take next.

If sanctions reach a critical point, North Korea "will hold those [countries] accountable", he said.

And other experts point out that North Korea's nuclear weapons program has developed over decades, surviving periods of starvation and economic crisis.

However, the North never stopped its nuclear program, and instead has developed nuclear weapons-including a miniaturized nuclear warhead, according to an analysis by the Defense Intelligence Agency-and the missile technology needed to deliver it. If they all begin cutting off business with North Korea, the impact would be felt immediately.

The announcement follows days of increasingly bellicose rhetoric between US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un's regime, which has raised global alarm.

"People say this is all part of its brinkmanship strategy to force the United States to come forward for negotiation".

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