Spanish gov't to take measures if Catalonia region unilaterally declares independence

Marsha Scott
October 10, 2017

BARCELONA, Spain-Spanish unionists in Catalonia finally found their voice last Sunday, resurrecting Spain's flag as a symbol of patriotism after decades of it being associated with the Franco dictatorship.

"I do not know how Puigdemont will write his speech, but if he declares independence unilaterally. and the government, through the Spanish senate, has to take measures", she explained.

"We want Catalonia to become the cultural capital of Spain as it was when I came to live here", the writer said during his speech, and recalled moments in which he lived in the Catalan capital during the 1970s.

On Saturday, thousands of pro- and anti-independence supporters took to the streets across country to demand dialogue between Madrid and Barcelona.

"The turnout in Barcelona and across Spain to talk about Spain and unity and to express the voice of those who would not want this referendum to go ahead was also overwhelmingly powerful".

Around 350,000 people attended the rally, municipal police said, while organisers put turnout at between 930,000 and 950,000. The march was peaceful and no major incidents were reported.

Catalonia's regional president, Carles Puigdemont, is expected to address the Catalan legislature on Tuesday about the crisis.

In the days after the October 1 referendum, the momentum appeared to be on his side.

A violent crackdown by police seeking to thwart the vote in the region sparked an worldwide outcry.

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But now the tide seems to be turning.

Thomas says that the "powerful" show of support for unity means that a declaration of independence may not be well received.

As for the market, any thoughts of secession threatens the European Union and therefore should be negative to the Euro.

The slogan for the Barcelona protest, which was organised by the Societat Civil Catalana, the main anti-independence group in Catalonia, was Enough, let's recover good sense!

The northeastern region of 7.5 million people, which has its own language and culture, held an independence referendum on October 1 in defiance of a Spanish court ban.

The gap between Spain and Germany's 10-year bond yield shrank to around 118 basis points - having stretched out to 136 bps last week at the height of worries about a conflict between Catalonia and the central government in Madrid. Rajoy has said the central government could take direct control of Catalonia, which now has a measure of autonomy.

"Ideally, it shouldn't be necessary to implement extreme solutions but for that not to happen things would have to be changed", the Spanish premier told the Madrid-based newspaper El Pais.

With the crisis deepening, and no sign of an end to political instability, some Catalan businesses have announced they are relocating their headquarters to other parts of Spain to avoid the possibility of getting knocked out of the European Union common market by a Catalonian secession.

"If that happens I will leave Catalonia", she said.

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