Bug Stops Some iPhone Uses from Typing 'I'

Laverne Mann
November 7, 2017

It literally tells you to just set your autocorrect of capital "I" to a lowercase "i".

A growing number of users have been encountering the odd text bug over the last few days, which could be related to the newest iOS 11.1 update.

A portion of iPhone owners using Apple's latest iOS 11 mobile software have inexplicably lost the ability to type the capital letter "i" from their keyboards.

Some iPhone and iOS users are also reporting installation problems slow speed, issues with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and specifically faster battery drain.

Apple has said the issue will be fixed in a future software update.

Try setting up Text Replacement for the letter "i".

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For Phrase, type an upper-case "I". The bandaid lets users replace a capital "I" with a lowercase "i" - which will look odd, but not as odd as the freakish exclamation point-question mark combo.

For now, that's all we're going to get in terms of a fix from Apple. This underlines further iOS 11.1 issues and problems, and the bug is apparent throughout iMessage, Twitter, Instagram, and other apps.

The listed steps once accomplished let the iOS system prioritise the manually-added user text replacement over the buggy automatic word correction that appeared in iOS 11.1, which was released last week.

Users have come up with several quick fixes, including turning off predictive text via settings or downloading a third party keyboard from the App Store.

User @mcwm tweeted: 'I have a $1,150 [£877] telephone that can't read the letter "i"'.

"This can occur in more extreme cases such as when the same high contrast image is continuously displayed for prolonged periods of time".

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