Black Mirror Season 4 Trailer: Parenting and Technology Do Not Mix

Calvin Saunders
November 27, 2017

In the episode, the mother (played by Rosemarie DeWitt) "uses a tablet synced to an implant in her daughter's head which DeWitt can use to manipulate her daughter's vision".

Black Mirror Season 4 has no release date yet.

Netflix just released a first look at one of their upcoming season's six new episodes, a tale called "Arkangel" from guest director Jodie Foster.

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In the trailer, a single mom and her adorable daughter live together on a small suburban street, playing hide and seek and generally having a great time until the day the daughter goes missing from a local playground. Even though we don't know when exactly all six episodes of the forthcoming season are set to be released, it might be safe to assume that the new episodes are coming very, very soon. As we are left to guess, nothing good is about to happen as the words "the key to good parenting is control" appear onscreen. "The idea seems to follow a familiar Black Mirror formula, echoing concepts from previous episodes including "Men Against Fire, ' an episode which the 'Arkangel" clip explicitly referenced".

It may be ideal for lost toddlers, but since this is Black Mirror, we've got a feeling this revolutionary technology is going to come with some severe repercussions.

Before you jump to conclusions about how this will all end, let's just remember that happy endings on Black Mirror aren't unheard of.

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