USA military says North Korea launched new ICBM

Marsha Scott
December 2, 2017

"We do think they could do more with the oil and we're really asking them to please restrain more of the oil, not cut it off completely", he said - a move that would nevertheless deal a crippling blow to Pyongyang's economy.

He said: "North Korea will be risky in about nine months or so because then two things are going to happen at the same time".

US President Donald Trump derided Kim as a "sick puppy" and threatened "major" new sanctions.

"We are already seeing signs of problems, of cashflow problems in North Korea". The UN also barred the hiring of North Korean guest workers and capped exports of refined petroleum products. "You put those two events together and it spells trouble for 2018".

North Korea tested a missile this week that experts believe showed that the rogue regime could launch an attack that reaches the USA mainland, spiking concerns that the country may soon be able to attach a miniaturized nuclear weapon to one of those missiles.

He said: "You can't rule out any scenario, including the start of histories next great war". North Korea has been buying oil from Russian Federation as well but in much smaller amounts and continues to be dependent on Chinese supplies.

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"But that is an assumption that I would not make".

"We condemn this launch and hope that all relevant parties will be able to remain calm that is very necessary to avoid worst-case scenario on the Korean Peninsula", Peskov was quoted as saying by Russia's official news agency TASS.

"China has no obligation to cooperate with the US" on imposing a full trade embargo on North Korea, which it described as an "impractical idea".

None of these US measures has served to deter North Korea from testing its intercontinental ballistic missiles.

At the Council meeting convened at the request of the US, Japan and South Korea, Under Secretary-General Jeffrey Feltman said the missile launched on Wednesday had travelled about 950 kilometres before falling into the sea in Japan's exclusive economic zone.

While addressing the United Nations, U.S. ambassador Nikki Haley had stated that the U.S. would utterly destroy North Korea if it had to engage Military action in resolving the ongoing crisis. "We regard this negatively", he said. If war does come, it will be because of continued acts of aggression like we witnessed yesterday ... "We have the impression that it was all done specially to get Kim Jong Un to "fly off the handle" and take another reckless step".

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