Sanctuary City Mayor Stands Up to Immigration and Customs Enforcement Leader's Threat

Marsha Scott
January 6, 2018

Homan, now the acting head of ICE who Trump picked to be the agency's permanent director in November, told Fox News' Neil Cavuto that he believes sanctuary cities that limit cooperation with federal immigration officials are violating an "alien smuggling statute" by shielding them in their jails.

Nor was Homan shy about issuing a threat to California in response to Gov. A successful case under the statute, Hing says, would involve something like bringing an undocumented immigrant into one's home and then shielding them from ICE.

"We've got to start charging some of these politicians with crimes", said the ICE chief. (Many do not honor ICE requests to "hold" arrested people in jails without charges while immigration checks can be performed.) Despite the fact that there's no demonstrable connection between sanctuary policies and increased crime, sanctuary cities have been a favorite Trump talking point since his Presidential campaign.

The mayor of Sacramento is refusing to back down after a top Immigration and Customs Enforcement official suggested that politicians who enforce sanctuary city policies, as he does, should be charged with crimes.

"This is a victimization of the American community", Thomas Homan told Fox News' Neil Cavuto. The city's lawsuit challenges conditions the Department of Justice placed on key law enforcement grants to pressure sanctuary cities to work with ICE agents or face a cut-off of funds. "For these sanctuary cities that knowingly shield and harbor an illegal alien in their jail and don't allow us access, that is, in my opinion, a violation of 8 U.S. Code § 1324". It also seeks to make it harder for ICE to detain immigrants near courthouses, hospitals, and schools.

"The Department of Justice needs to do a couple of things".

Homan said he wants to see the politicians personally held accountable for people dying at the hands of criminal illegal aliens due to sanctuary policies.

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The effect the law will have on the safety of the community will be devastating, he argued.

Homan said that as of July 31 a year ago, nearly 10,000 criminal aliens who were released onto the streets nationwide-rather than being turned over to ICE-have committed another crime.

Smuggling organizations will use the law as a "selling point", he said, adding that Brown "bit off a lot more than he can chew".

Almost one quarter (more than 2 million) of the country's estimated illegal alien population lives in California, according to the Public Policy Institute of California.

SB-54 forbids local law enforcement to communicate with immigration officials about when a criminal is about to be released from custody, except under special circumstances. Appearing on Fox News on Tuesday, Homan attacked Jerry Brown, the governor of California, who recently signed legislation declaring his state a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.

Violators could be subject to civil action, according to state Senate president and author of the bill Kevin de León.

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