Amazon announced the United Kingdom release of its Alexa-powered Echo Spot

Laverne Mann
January 17, 2018

Services like Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa will be used to carry out safe shopping online more widely than ever in 2018, according to a study published by YouGov. A cross between the Echo Show and Echo Dot, the Spot is intended as an Alexa-powered bedside/kitchen companion and is a complete reimagining of the alarm clock for the smart home era.

Back in September, the company unveiled this smaller gadget when it launched the Echo Spot for $130. You can also use a smartphone running the Amazon Alex app to ping music and video to the Amazon Echo Spot's screen and speaker combination. You can buy it for $129.99 or for $152.50 if you pair it up with a TP-Link Smart Bulb.

Amazon is launching its small clock-like Echo Spot in the United Kingdom, as it continues to cement its market dominance. Pricing: £119.99 or £199.99 for a pack of two. Deliveries will be from 24 January.

It has a 2.5-inch screen that's relatively sharp, despite the resolution of just 480 x 480.

When it comes to design, the Echo Spot is probably the most appealing of the Echo range. The Echo Spot is going to give you a little more to get excited about, because it can show you information without having to be asked. You'll be able to watch video clips, check the weather, sports results, dial into a security camera elsewhere in your house, such as your Ring doorbell or Arlo system, or control smart devices around your house.

Amazon has also made it so that you can have a song wake you up as the alarm.

You can also read your messages on the screen and make calls. The list of Alexa commands, as is evident by Tuesday's announcement, is expansive and growing with every new service or device it supports.

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We're yet to test the Echo Spot's audio prowess, but we'd imagine it would be similar in quality to the Echo Dot. But, if it is on your bedside table, then you won't complain about the sound.

However, the screen is great for displaying a clock- and you can set, cancel, and snooze alarms with your voice. So should you buy the Echo Show or the Echo Spot? The Spot is available in black and white for £112.

The size makes it easier to place than the Show, although admittedly this means that any video shown on its screen naturally wants to be round.

That's the thing with the Amazon Echo Spot - much like other Echo devices, Amazon wants you to have a multitude of them in your home so you always have access to video chat no matter where you are.

The new Echo Spot can do everything the Echo Show can, with varying degrees of success.

At £199.99/£229.99, the Echo Show is the most expensive Echo now available.

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