ICE strikes deal with Florida sheriffs to hold illegal immigrants

Marsha Scott
January 19, 2018

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials did not comment on the Chronicle's report, but the source said the operation would target San Francisco and other Northern California cities that are sanctuary cities.

Known as the Basic Ordering Agreement, the deal struck between 17 Florida sheriffs and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement would allow local authorities to hold illegal immigrants even beyond the time they normally would have to be released based on state or local cases.

The Oakland city council voted unanimously to end cooperation with federal immigration agents, following reports that ICE is planning to launch massive raids across the Bay Area.

After Gov. Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 54 into law, a law that would make California a sanctuary state for immigrants, ICE Director Thomas D. Homan announced that the agency will be taking a tough stance on the Golden State.

The raids would again pit left-leaning California against USA immigration officials intent on doubling down on fighting illegal immigration and could be the first big test of the state's new sanctuary legislation.

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The raids were understood to be a response to California's recently enacted sanctuary state law that limits the federal government's ability to obtain custody of immigrants detained in state jails and forbids police officers from arresting people on civil immigration warrants and joining immigration task forces. "ICE will continue its efforts to protect jobs for American workers by eliminating unfair competitive advantages for companies that exploit illegal immigration".

The news conference will take place at the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday afternoon. "We've been waiting for more raids and them wanting to make an example of those jurisdictions".

"The head of ICE has made public statements that have helped make it more clear that ICE is not actually focusing on solving serious and violent crime, but is focused on being part of (President Donald) Trump's political vendetta", Kaplan said. "It might get ugly".

Pelosi called any planned raids "an act of pure malice" against hard-working immigrants simply for being Californians. "We want to protect families, not tear them apart". "The only conclusion I could come to is that the sole goal of these raids is to create fear in immigrant communities".

Are we prepared to handle an ICE worksite enforcement action and do we understand its dynamics?

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