Ugandan president says he loves Trump: "He talks to Africans frankly"

Audrey Hill
January 25, 2018

This was while addressing the East African Legislative Assembly in Kampala this afternoon. Trump reportedly referred to Africa as Shithole countries, while questioning why the United States was welcoming immigrants from the continent.

Earlier, a horde of African nations, as well as western countries and worldwide organizations condemned Trump's alleged words, which he himself flatly denied. "Africans need to solve their problems", he wrote. "In the world, you can not survive if you are weak", he said. "It is the Africans' fault that they are weak", he wrote.

"Africa is 12 times the size of India with a lot of resources and with a growing population".

At any rate, many countries in Africa do fit Trump's alleged description, and to whatever extent Uganda may be one, its president seems more concerned with improving things than with having a conniption fit over someone saying it.

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"Autonomy for EALA is vital and Parliament of Uganda is so keen to see it fully operationalized", she said, and urged EALA members to look beyond their national shoulders and to fully focus on its regional agenda.

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda isn't even sure Donald Trump called African countries shitholes - and neither is anyone else who wasn't in the meeting, since the renowned liar Durbin is the only on-the-record source saying he did - but Museveni doesn't seem too concerned about it.

"We are certainly not a 'shithole country, '" Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo tweeted.

Museveni has been in power for more than three decades. In 2016, he was elected for a fifth consecutive term after elections in which the opposition leader was jailed.

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