Monopoly encourages dirty play with Cheaters Edition

Marsha Scott
February 3, 2018

After learning that nearly half the people who play the iconic real estate board game try to cheat, Hasbro chose to make a version of the game that actually rewards breaking the rules. To that end, another new part of the game is the inclusion of a handcuff (yes, singular) for players to wear, should they make the likely trip to jail.

But how can you cheat the Banker? The cards will give players a series of tasks throughout the game-such as skipping spaces, avoiding rent payments and even committing bank robbery-rewarding those who succeed with extra money and free properties.

The makers of Monopoly have announced the introduction of a cheaters' version of the classic property board game later this year.

Realising that players of the beloved board game are prone to breaking the rules to get ahead, Hasbro has created a special edition of the game - where players are actually encouraged to cheat. We're excited to see what they can get away with. They will add 15 cheat cards into the community chest and chance card deck.

Hasbro say they were inspired after conducting a study that found 50% of all players do actually attempt to cheat while engaged in game play.

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As if this wasn't going to complicate matters enough (and mean everyone wants to endlessly count their money in case of theft) but there is no longer a designated banker.

Monopoly - initially known as The Landlord's Game - was invented to warn about the nature of greed. Players who cheat successfully at the new game can earn rewards, according to the publication.

There are a few other things that differentiate this version of the game.

"Lean into those iconic (yet unspoken) Monopoly moments in which rules are bent, money is borrowed and amusing business is welcome", Hasbro said in a news release. If another player figures it out, the cheater has to pay fines or spend some time in jail.

When the precursor to Monopoly was originally thought up by Lizzie Magie in 1904 - then called the Landlord's Game - its goal was not to celebrate the acquisition of wealth. It appears that Hasbro has made a game for that person.

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