Salma Hayek "Felt Ashamed" for Not Speaking Out About Harvey Weinstein Earlier

Calvin Saunders
February 9, 2018

Hayek Pinault has already detailed the turmoil she experienced during the making of Frida, which she co-produced as well as starring in, in a 2017 article for the New York Times.

Hayek went into even more detail during an interview with Oprah Winfrey for the talk show host's Oprah's Super Soul Conversation Live Event.

She has previously revealed in the NY times that Weinstein, who is accused of raping, sexually abusing and harassing dozens of actresses, once threatened to kill her and had pressured her into filming a nude sex scene with a female co-star.

"I ended up not doing it", she said.

When initially approached to write the essay by the publication, Hayek explained that she refused.

The 51-year-old actress told Winfrey that the New York Times reached out to her to be part of the original Weinstein report, which was released in October. "I started crying because (I had PTSD) (post-traumatic stress disorder)". 'And then I felt ashamed that I was a coward. "I've been working and supporting women for two decades. and then I was a coward". The producer forced her to do a gratuitous sex scene for Frida with fellow accuser Ashley Judd, and the actress broke down on set. "I handled it really well", she said.

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According to Hayek, filming the 2002 biopic Frida with Weinstein was a drawn-out process that included his subjecting her to sexual harassment, extensive emotional abuse, and even a death threat.

Addressing victims, she said, "I am a short, Mexican-Arab, angry woman. but I don't let that anger blur my vision".

She continued: "Since those around me had no knowledge of my history of Harvey, they were very surprised by my struggle that morning". And that, she suspects, is "why he didn't rape me".

"[Harvey] told me he wanted to kill me". The abuse of being constantly underminded because we're women. "I thought, 'There's no point for me to talk because it happens to everyone". "I thought of the shame".

She added: 'It's important to take responsibility for the things we do to others, but we must stop apologizing for being attacked and we must move into a place where you can actually have a conversation.

Over the 20 years plus since the movie's success, Ms. Hayek and Mr. Weinstein's daughters have had play dates, their families have enjoyed time together when running into each other on vacations, and the two have had dinners where they pitched and discussed projects such as Ms. Hayek asking Harvey to distribute her movie Evelyn and Mr. Weinstein pitching her a remake of The Lives of Others with Penelope Cruz about a South American dictatorship. Mr. Weinstein never fought with Ms. Hayek on set and this comment does not reflect how he feels about her; he doesn't recall ever saying such an bad thing. Her full interview will air on OWN on February 27, and will be available via podcast.

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