Trump signs budget deal, bringing end to second shutdown of 2018

Marsha Scott
February 12, 2018

For the hundreds of thousands of "Dreamers", the deal means that they their fate now rests on the hope that the Republican Senate leadership will honor the promise they gave to Democrats - to allow a floor debate and vote with the goal of finding a solution to the DACA issue.

House Democrats said Pelosi appealed to members to vote against the budget bill if Ryan did not provide a stronger commitment on immigration, though leaders did not formally whip the vote.

People in both chambers prattled on to TV news political pundits about support for the far-reaching budget deal Paul was holding hostage on the Senate floor. "And this is a good bill".

Due to procedural rules, Paul held up the spending bill until midnight - also the deadline for the shutdown. There were 73 Democrats who voted for the legislation and 67 Republicans who voted against. Nine Senate Democrats would need to vote for it in order to ensure its passage, however, and no such support is forthcoming.

"There is no willingness to do anything except less than the bare minimum, and when we do act, it's for things that shouldn't be passed in the first place", Goodin said. "We will solve this DACA problem".

As of Thursday evening, Congress looked poised to pass its massive spending bill and avoid its second shutdown of the year. At that point, the fiscal year will be almost halfway over.

It also lifts the nation's debt ceiling for a year and another $90 billion in emergency funds will be allocated for areas hit by hurricanes and wildfires.

Senate GOP leaders, however, were clearly irked.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis takes questions during the daily news briefing at the White House in Washington Wednesday Feb. 7 2018

With just hours to go before the midnight deadline for passing the Bill, senator Rand Paul astounded colleagues by beginning a filibuster, a delaying tactic used in the Senate, which pushed the vote on the funding package into the early hours of Friday morning. "We didn't blink when they're trying to play a game". John Cornyn called it "grossly irresponsible" - and it exposed a contradiction that may come to haunt Republicans as they try to fire up conservatives in midterm elections. But on this vote the GOP was more united than it typically is.

The White House budget proposal, to be released on Monday, projects that the economy will grow about 3 percent over the next decade, with a slightly larger near-term boost of 3.2 percent next year before declining to 3 percent in 2021 and 2.8 percent in 2026, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Some Democrats, too, felt their caucus's strategy was misguided. "Others thought it was just part of, sort of a liberal litmus test that the base wants to see and hear, and that's a safe vote, depending on your district".

In a February 6 press release, Goodin criticized leaders for not working to reform elections and redistricting, for not protecting at-risk children and for not passing a hate crime bill. But she sent plenty of public signals she wanted the bill to pass, Connolly said. "No one will read this bill".

"I was getting whipped every which way at this point", he said.

There's no question that conservatives are in full revolt over the budget deal.

In a statement, Rep. Katherine Clark of Melrose applauded the bill's spending measures, including funding for community health centers, but indicated she voted against it because Ryan "refuses to bring any immigration legislation forward even though there are bipartisan immigration bills drafted and waiting".

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