Here’s how a fart forced an airliner into an emergency landing

Marcus Newton
February 21, 2018

The low-budget, Dutch airline Transavia’s plane was flying from Dubai to Amsterdam when things got heated up in the cabin and two Dutch men sparked a fight with a passenger who could not control the constant release of his intestinal gas.

The persistent farting by the passenger caused unrest among the people who were sitting around him, causing the entire crew to try to persuade him to stop passing wind.

Police also removed two men and two sisters from the plane due to a row of seats. However, the passenger continued to fart despite several requests from passengers and the crew.

The crew allegedly did not attend to the passengers' concerns aboard the flight, causing a fight to break out between the men. Growing more and more upset, the passengers then engaged in an altercation with the other passenger. Even before the plane could reach its destination the pilots were forced to land it in Vienna after a fight between two passengers broke out. They removed the complainants, and two women sitting in the same row, but apparently not the farting man!

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The women, who are sisters, are now taking the airline to court claiming they were not involved in the alternation.

A spokesman for the airline told local media that the four people were banned from future Transavia flights. Transavia Airlines Flight HV6902 from Dubai to Amsterdam made an emergency landing in Vienna.

None of the individuals were arrested as they had not broken any Austrian laws, the report said. Instead, the complainants were targets of a warning from the captain, who accused them of aggressive behavior and making threats.

A footage shared by Alfred Dekker, believed to be a passenger on the flight showed officials as they escorted a bunch of "troublemakers" off the aircraft. "All I will say is that the crew were really provocative and stirred things up", 25-year-old law student Nora Lacchab said, Fox News reported. They know very well where the boundaries are.

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