Fortnite's third Battle Royale season will take you to space

Audrey Hill
February 23, 2018

Before season three starts, the studio revealed more information about improvements to the game's building mechanics, the pump shotgun, and Battle Pass. It reduces the need to enter the building menu as often, and allows you to use the primary fire button to continuously place the last piece that you selected. This is huge, as objects like trees, rocks, and vehicles can block your build at the most inopportune times. The goal behind this is to prevent these objects from unexpectedly blocking your building placement, but the flexibility it offers could also create room for some brand new strategies.

Thanks to an early "Fortnite: #Battle Royale" leak, fans have just found out that there is going to be even more new content coming to this online #Multiplayer Video Game. Previously, swapping between building pieces required a trip back to Epic's servers, but that will no longer be the case in the new update, making the input feel far more responsive.

Season 3's Battle Pass will consist of 100 tiers this time.

Get lost in the heroic sounds of an all new orchestral music score, explore the fresh Lunar New Year questline and unlock new weapons + heroes, all coming to Save the World.

And Fortnite players will have plenty of time to secure all the best season 3 skins and emotes. This will switch over to another material when we run out of something.

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The new music will be written by Marco Beltrami (whose credits include Logan, The Hurt Locker) and Pinar Toprak (who has worked on Krypton and Justice League). The new Battle Pass comes with 76 new cosmetic items. "I can't wait for players to hear it in the game".

If you're unaware, while Fortnite Battle Royale is free to play, there is a premium reward system that you can purchased called the Battle Pass. This also included a nerf for the double pump. What makes it even more infuriating, is that headshot damage.

Building is, of course, one of the core features of Fortnite, setting it apart from other similarly styled games.

Epic announced turbo building in a blog post today.

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