See the new Luigi dialogue that's sending fans into joyous meltdown

Laverne Mann
February 23, 2018

On Wednesday evening, Nintendo released a free update for Super Mario Odyssey that adds a new post-game Luigi's Balloon World mode, a few new outfits for Mario to collect, and new filters for the game's Snapshot Mode. To start Balloon World, seek out the green-clad bro and have a nice chat with him.

It's all quite simple. Players can choose between two different modes in the Balloon World including the Hide It and the Find It mode.

You have the chance to move up in rank by finding hidden balloons and becoming expert hiders - placing balloons that people will struggle to discover within the time limit.

The update also brings new clothes for Mario, including Musician and Knight Armor, again available after you've completed the main story. That's because the new - and completely free - first dlc for the Nintendo Switch smash hit game looks like it's coming later today. Conversely, "Find It" mode let's you track down other balloons hidden by players from across the globe. Then, you'll be able to find Luigi in every one of the worlds and initiate the minigame. The minigame will be available after you complete the game, so you've got a fun surprise waiting for you after you finish up your important business with Cappy.

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I got a lot of play out of Super Mario Odyssey in the base game, but now I might have to mess around with it a little more.

There's also a few other balance changes in the DLC, mostly around the Jump Rope Challenge and how rankings work for mini-games.

The update should download automatically, but you can always force the update by selecting the Super Mario Odyssey icon, pressing +, and choosing Software Update.

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