Google Stung By Lawsuit Alleging Recruitment Bias

Calvin Saunders
March 3, 2018

A former recruiter for Google and YouTube has sued the search ad beast, claiming he was sacked for objecting to hiring policies that discriminated against white and Asian men.

The latest lawsuit alleges that Google asked Wilberg and his co-workers repeatedly to dismiss or approve job candidates only because they were White, Asian, female, Black or Hispanic.

That recruiter, Arne Wilberg, is suing Google's sister company, claiming that he was explicitly told not to hire white and Asian men.

Google's workforce diversity and culture is once again subjected to unwelcome headlines after another lawsuit was filed against the company.

"We have a clear policy to hire candidates based on their merit, not their identity", Gina Scigliano said in an email.

Lawsuits against the Silicon Valley companies are on the rise as ex-employees come out to speak about the harmful and discriminatory culture prevailing at some of the biggest organizations.

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In his lawsuit, Wilberg said that Youtube set diversity quotas, and he was told to ignore applicants who were not female or from underrepresented racial groups (black and Latino).

The lawsuit was filed in January in California's San Mateo County Superior Court and alleges that Wilberg was sacked after he complained multiple times about the hiring practices. The company is now facing a Federal complaint filed by the National Labor Relations Board in April for interfering with employees' legal right to discuss "workplace diversity and social justice initiatives.' The complaint alleges that Senior Vice President Urs Holzle and numerous managers in his organization actively stoked up witch hunts in 2015 and 2016 meant to muzzle low-level employees who raised concerns about the company's practices". Wilberg also alleges that over the past two years, YouTube started trying to cover up its diversity hiring practices.

Did YouTube use diversity "quotas" and other similar practices to discriminate against White and Asian men?

Last month Google was hit with another discrimination lawsuit after Tim Chevalier alleged he was sacked for his liberal political activism whilst working for the company.

"In response to Wilberg's complaints and warnings Google would occasionally circulate e-mails instructing its employees (to) purge any and all references to the race/gender quotas from its e-mail database ... to wipe out any paper trail of Google's illegal practices", according to his lawsuit.

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