Brexit: EU's Irish border plan 'is not fair', DUP says

Marsha Scott
March 7, 2018

She said companies needed to have a plan in place to deal with the potential fall-out, especially those exposed to the British market.

"We stressed again the need to respect the constitutional position of Northern Ireland and of course the economic integrity of the single market of the United Kingdom as well".

The leader of the Democratic Unionist Party has claimed the EU's draft Brexit plans are "unacceptable" for Northern Ireland.

The draft withdrawal treaty was instead said to amount to an unjustified attempt by Brussels to revise the terms of the Good Friday agreement, which has kept the peace since 1998.

"It is not acceptable and we will be urging our Government to come forward with different text because we feel that the whole of the joint report needs to be reflected in what is going on here in the heart of Europe".

"He has put forward an European Union draft text which not only do we find it unacceptable, the British Government find it unacceptable, the Labour party find it unacceptable".

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Northern Ireland will be the UK's only border with the EU.

The DUP is concerned that the EU's legal text did not include a clause included in December to "ensure the same unfettered access for Northern Ireland's businesses to the whole of the United Kingdom internal market" - and instead implied there could be controls between Northern Ireland and Great Britain as part of a common regulatory area on the island of Ireland. It's driving a coach and horses through the EU's principles of no hard borders.

Speaking after the meeting, Mrs Foster said it had been a "constructive meeting" and that there were "sensible solutions to the border question". Placing a border down the Irish Sea would not just be politically unacceptable but would be economically catastrophic.

Mrs Foster's DUP MPs hold the key to Mrs May's slender Westminster majority.

Though she described the meeting as "a good and very open meeting", she said that "the current draft legal text has omissions in it, it also overreaches in other areas".

"What emerges clearly from this research is the high degree of integration of the economies north and south". Sorry, the European Union does not have the right to go into the Belfast Agreement in that fashion. She said that the infrastructure on that border largely related to checking the movement of people rather than goods, which moved freely.

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