Who was Stephen Hawking? These terrific shows can help

Audrey Hill
March 17, 2018

What I meant by "we would know the mind of God" is, we would know everything that God would know, if there were a God, which there isn't.

In "A Brief History of Time", Hawking "made some rather perceptive remarks to the effect that physics can not even in principle explain why there is an actually existing universe", Barr said.

The death of Stephen Hawking is a great loss to the world of Science. Although the book was hard to understand for many, it did change the world and views. To deny something as catastrophic as global warming can and likely will, as Hawking once said, have cataclysmic and irreversible consequences on the only planet we've got.

A University of Cambridge spokesman says theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has died.

I think Stephen Hawking's biggest achievement was getting people talking and interested in some very complex and challenging ideas about the universe and our place in it.

His life was also the inspiration for the film The Theory of Everything.

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In later years, Hawking's brilliant razor-sharp intelligence inspired his colleagues and mates to the extent that some called him worthy successor to Issac Newton. He once said, "It would not be much of a universe if it wasn't home to the people you love". But now science offers a more convincing explanation. Realizing that our paths will cross, Gerry and I both tried to get Hans to stop and engage Hawking, imagining that Hawking would be delighted to meet the eminent Bethe, victor of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1967 for his discovery of how stars generate the energy to shine.

"As the leader of a university charged with opening the minds of students every day, I deeply appreciate what Professor Hawking has done to pull the cosmos closer to so many", Folt said at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre. In a report from NME, Jim Parsons shared an on-set photo of Hawking together with the cast via Instagram and wrote a simple yet touching message: "Thank you, Stephen Hawking".

The Royal Albert Hall said the "genius" Prof Hawking was the second physicist, after Albert Einstein in 1933, to ever sell out the venue with his lecture in 1995.

The British actor played the mathematical genius across decades of physical degeneration - all under Hawking's watchful gaze.

Hawking was the best-known theoretical physicist of his time. Author of the bestselling 1988 book "A Brief History of Time", he became a symbol of science in pop culture, appearing on shows like "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "The Simpsons".

"Professor Hawking did a huge amount to raise awareness of motor neurone disease (MND), through so many years in the public eye, and this legacy continues today".

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