PUBG Release Images Of New Map Design

Audrey Hill
March 28, 2018

Anyone who logs in to play the original Battle Royale game (until May 1) will get the black and yellow beauty. Also, not having to focus on building makes PUBG feel a bit easier to get into on mobile.

As stated in the video, the first step would be to bring the new PUBG 4x4 map to the players earlier than usual. This includes providing a stable network experience for our players. From there, players can set their preferred cosmetic skin for a specific gun.

The 4-by-4 should swing hard in the direction of dense spaces with lots of cover and action, but PUBG Corp. doesn't want to assume it's going to get it right. Both PUBGand Fortniteare now available on iOS (and Android, in the case of Greene's game). So, you know, it grows the genre. "Generally with Battle Royale games my formula has been focused around finding people that I think could be very good influencers, because the game has so much RNG in it [randomness, variable elements in-game] that you're really never gonna have consistent results". It says WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! and #1 on it.

The game begins with all players jumping from a plane, with most players parachuting down to populated cities to begin searching for weapons and ammo.

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The release date for the new map is a little unclear, but based on prior releases and patches we would expect to see this within by the end of April. Rolling out in limited capacity for now is the ability for players to match with other players only in the server region they're playing from.

"Note: Items do not transfer between the Battle Royale mode and the Save the World campaign". It's roughly the same island map, the same weapons, the same structure, just on mobile.

Despite all that, Fortnite's success hasn't derailed PUBG or its colossal influence in the game industry. You can enjoy the same type of games anywhere you are, and the developers that provide those experiences will reap the rewards. For Sony and Microsoft to support their customers well they have to be open to all their customer's friends - their real world friends - otherwise they're breaking up real-world social groups.

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