Video captures girls jumping off balcony to escape fire

Marsha Scott
April 11, 2018

Ladders were propped up against the building's balcony as terrified children dangled perilously from the second floor during the blaze, which broke out at about 7pm yesterday. "They went back inside" the dance studio. Curry believes everyone was accounted for in the fire that started around 6:45 the rear of the building on the first floor. "We were all trapped at the end of the balcony, so the only way to escape was to jump off". "We ran as fast as we could".

When they opened the only exit door from the studio, "The whole balcony was covered in smoke", said Twomey. As she waited her turn to exit the balcony onto the ladders men were holding below, she was burned slightly by sparks from the growing fire.

Many passers-by and strangers were seen trying to help but it was quite hard as the ladder wasn't able to reach there.

"The flames were nearly touching me", she added.

The Professional Arts Academy in Edgewater, New Jersey was destroyed by the fire.

However, two of her friends were stuck inside the building, she said.

Edgewater Mayor Michael McPartland thanked officer James Dalton and local businessman Tony Nehme for their rescue efforts saying, "It was one of the bravest things I've ever seen". "I did what I had to do", he said. "I didn't know it [was] gonna be that bad". It took firefighters hours to get the flames under control. He immediately started asking if there was anyone still inside.

Watch Video: Young girls jumping down a dance studio in New Jersey as fire tear through

The girls were banging on the window with a small object, trying to break it, but they couldn't, Nehmi said. "By the time we got them out, the fire department had put the ladder down, and then the fire was everywhere".

Overall, said the girl who'd been one of the jumpers, it worked.

None of the girls were seriously injured, but 10 to 15 girls suffered minor injuries, according to authorities. "It was like a couple of seconds, and then you couldn't even stand up there". "There's no room for any mistake".

But the ladders fell and eventually the people above began to drop and jump down to escape the fire.

The building that caught fire houses multiple businesses including the dance studio and a hookah lounge.

Twomey said that while it's unfortunate that the studio and the equipment inside were destroyed, she's "just glad everyone is safe" and that "there were no bad injuries".

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