Tips For Playing God Of War That Will Help You Before Starting

Laverne Mann
April 21, 2018

Without giving too much away, the new God of War features the main character, Kratos, many years older and different from his previous incarnations.

Don't be alarmed if you're confused by it at first, it takes a few hours of gameplay to get comfortable with it. If the quest marker is telling you to go down one road but another is next to it that you haven't explored, see what's over there first.

Yes, Atreus' mother doesn't have much of a role in God of War, what with her being dead and all.

Not only that, he is now joined by his son Atreus, and as a result the game's narrative is split between the heavy combat scenes it's known for, and Kratos' struggle to embrace and accept his role as a father.

As someone playing it right now, I can tell you, he really didn't. "Five years of work has gone into this game, so this moment means a lot".

And that's it! God of War is no more complex than other action games of this ilk, but given its linear heritage it's easy for you to miss so much of what it has to offer out of habit alone. Most enemies in the game have a Stun meter along with their Health. This can be accessed at any time in the game, unlike changing the difficulty of the new God of War.

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That's how you're going to spend the bulk of God of War: fighting.

The crafting systems in God of War are simple but effective and the resources required for upgrading your weapons, armor and other equipment are expertly doled out by the game designers.

The mode will work just like the photo mode from Uncharted: the Lost Legacy, allowing players to pause the game and have full camera control to get the ideal screenshot. Indicator arrows now appear around Kratos' feet, showing the direction of enemies and if they're about to strike or land a projectile.

It does specifically seem to relate to pre-orders though, and so now that God Of War is actually out it's no longer issue.

Progression has never been as important to the series, though it's here that the game stumbles a bit.

Though you will run out of baddies to hit from time to time, the slower paced parts of the game don't feel like a completely separate experience. The game is deeper, richer, and better than ever before.

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