Alexa and Cortana Could Work Together to Assist You in the Future

Laverne Mann
May 9, 2018

For one, if your phone has a squeezable gesture to activate the Google Assistant, like the Pixel 2 phones, it won't work for Alexa.

Google Assistant is pre-installed on nearly all Android smartphones as has succeeded Google Now as well as Voice Search.

If you want to replace the Google Assistant with Alexa on your Android smartphone, download the newest version of the Alexa app from the Play Store.

That's no longer the case for Android users, as a Reddit user has flagged up that it's now possible to swap out the default Google Assistant with Amazon's Alexa. Until now, you had to launch Alexa every time and it could not be set as the default assistant app.

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Once you have the latest Alexa app on your Android device, go to Apps Default Assist & voice input and then select Amazon Alexa after tapping the Assist app option.

But be warned: Swapping out Google Assistant for Alexa won't be that useful of an experience.

Last year, Microsoft and Amazon announced that their respective AI voice assistants - Cortana and Alexa - would be joining forces to combine the best of both ecosystems on Windows 10.

The idea is for people to use Alexa for more personal stuff, and Cortana for work-related stuff. Then he asked Cortana to open Alexa, and Amazon's assistant responded "Hi there, this is Alexa, how can I help". It is the first known portfolio of podcasts to be made simultaneously available on both Alexa and Google Assistant in the UK. The new options are also not Amazon's first foray into rewarding developers for creating new skills for Alexa, either. Sure, you can scream at the top of your lungs, "Alexa, Alexa, ALEXA!", but it will be a waste of your breath. Until now, the Alexa was available on the applications and smart home appliances as well as Amazon Alexa smart speakers. But you can also use Microsoft's Cortana, Firefox Search and Sound Hound as the default one.

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