When the world first Met Musk, Grimes together

Marcus Newton
May 9, 2018

Musk's new girlfriend comes months after he and actress Amber Heard parted ways.

Musk's romance with Heard took them to Australia - and sent the world's paparazzi abuzz.

The Met Gala always throws up some shocks - but this time, the biggest WTF moment wasn't a dress.

Grimes is a singer-songwriter from Vancouver. Meanwhile, Grimes opted for a gothic look in a black-and-silver corseted gown. Vanity Fair magazine described Musk as wearing "a white jacket and priest-ly collar".

Earlier this year, Musk publicly expressed his admiration for the 30-year-old singer, whose real name is Claire Boucher, via Twitter.

While Musk and Grimes may appear to be from divergent universes, their love for experimentation, refuting established tropes, and Artificial Intelligence have manifested in an unlikely new power couple.

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According to Page Six, Musk had planned to tweet a joke but discovered that Grimes had already made it and, to rub salt in the wounds, she was three years ahead of him.

Fun fact: by reading the above paragraph, you are now aware of Roko's Basilisk, meaning that you could be damned to an eternity of pain for not dropping everything, right now, to bring our AI overlord into existence. Soz. As the story goes, Musk, a longtime A.I. warner, thought of a pun that's way over our heads and combines A.I. thought experiment Roko's Basilisk with baroque European style Rococo, to make "Rococo basilisk".

I, along with the rest of the self-respecting internet, am a lot more psyched about Grimes' collab with Poppy than her dating prospects but whatever, you do you, girl. "[This character] is doomed to be eternally tortured by an artificial intelligence, but she's also kind of like Marie Antoinette".

He posted "Rococo basilisk" in a tweet, which refers to an alter-ego that Grimes created for the music video for her song "Flesh Without Blood". "They both care for one another, but the timing just isn't right".

Musk is well known for warning of an AI apocalypse, calling it "more risky than nukes".

Musk has been very public in his past fandom for Grimes. "Best music video art I've seen in a while", he wrote in the caption. Her most recent studio offering, 2015's "Art Angels", was critically well received although Grimes revealed she had clashed with her label over it. She dropped out of school to follow her music career.

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