Trump Seems To Threaten North Korea Not To Cancel Summit

Marsha Scott
May 18, 2018

"And he'll get protections that will be very strong".

US President Donald Trump has contradicted his own national security adviser, saying the so-called "Libya model" for denuclearisation is not being pursued with North Korea.

After a few months of rapprochement, North Korea abruptly called off scheduled high-level talks with South Korea on Wednesday and warned the USA that a planned summit with President Donald Trump could be at risk.

For now, the summit between Trump and Kim is set for June 12 in Singapore.

Trump attempted to clarify Bolton's comments, saying Bolton was referring to the approach the USA would take if talks failed.

Hence, when Kim cavils or balks in Singapore, as he nearly surely will, at any demand for a pre-emptive surrender of his nuclear arsenal, Trump should have a fallback position.

"If history says in the future that the Cold War ended completely through permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula, I believe the April 27 inter-Korean summit and the June 12 North Korea-US summit will be given the biggest credits". The Libyan model that was mentioned was a much different deal.

By "Libyan model", Trump seemed to be referring to the 2011 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation bombing campaign against the Libyan government, which helped rebels overthrow Gaddafi, who was soon brutally murdered by these groups.

The president "appeared to be unaware" that Bolton was referring to the 2003 agreement to hand over Libya's nuclear arms in exchange for sanctions relief, says The Guardian. "This would be with Kim Jong-un, something where he'd be there, he'd be in his country, he'd be running his country". He'd be in his country.

Mr Trump also said the two countries have been planning details and "are continuing to negotiate in terms of location, the location as to where to meet, how to meet, rooms, everything else". "With deals. you have to have two parties that want to do it", Trump said.

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And until the North's summit threat and sudden cancellation of high-level inter-Korean talks this week, it appeared everything was falling into place.

"Whatever outcome of this summit with the United States would have to guarantee that both of those objectives are protected", Gause said.

North Korea is "a nuclear weapon state" that is "neither Libya nor Iraq, which have met miserable fates", Kim said in the statement carried by state news agency KCNA. It said we are not going to denuclearise if you're going to hold a gun to our head.

"He'll get protections that would be very strong", the USA president said on Thursday. North Korea has realised President Trump's political capital is invested in this.

Recall that U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo visited Pyongyang.

Analysts said it is unlikely that North Korea intends to scuttle all diplomacy.

"The reality is this could mean a lot of things ranging from 1) nothing, to 2) DPRK [North Korea's] domestic politics to 3) a warning shot about all the United States maximum pressure talk to 4) a real change in DPRK intentions", tweeted Vipin Narang, an MIT professor who specializes in nuclear strategy.

Japan's Asahi newspaper reported that the United States had demanded North Korea ship some nuclear warheads, an intercontinental ballistic missile and other nuclear material overseas within six months. If so, on Thursday's evidence, it might have worked. "And if it doesn't, we will continue the maximum pressure campaign that has been ongoing".

Though North Korea has been for the most part silent about its intentions for the meeting, the announcements underscore two of its biggest concerns - the future of the almost 30,000 USA troops in South Korea and claims coming out of Washington lately that sanctions and Trump's "maximum pressure" policy are what drove Kim to the negotiating table. Now Kim's aggressive response to Bolton's inept remark would seem to indicate that the summit no longer has any point.

Some American observers saw North Korea's threats earlier this week as a return to the cycle of offering dialogue and then demanding concessions, which doomed more than 20 years of USA attempts to solve the nuclear showdown with the isolated state. Trump acknowledged on Wednesday it was unclear if the summit would go ahead. "Nothing has changed on North Korea that we know of", he said.

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