Irish pro-choice campaigners pledge to back N Ireland abortion reform supporters

Marsha Scott
May 28, 2018

Voting rights for Irish emigrants are restricted to those who have left the country within the past 18 months and there is no postal or online vote.

The Eighth effectively outlaws abortion in all cases unless a mother's life is in danger and its repeal would allow the Government to introduce laws permitting the procedure in early pregnancy.

Yes vote supporters at a Diaspora Downunder Dollars for Choice event in Melbourne.

Attention is turning to Ireland's parliament now that the country's citizens have voted in landslide numbers to remove the abortion ban from its constitution.

"I think about her every day". Becky Ann Leeman said she spotted around 35 young women waiting in the baggage reclaim area at Dublin Airport after travelling from Sydney, Australia.

John McGuirk, the spokesman for Ireland's Save The 8th anti-abortion campaign, said the group had conceded defeat before the final result was confirmed.

In order to vote in an election or referendum you must be registered to vote, the cut-off date for registration was May 8, 2018.

Roscommon, in the rural interior, the only county to say no to same-sex marriage, also voted yes in the abortion referendum.

"I'm a Roman Catholic and I've always been against abortion", she said.

The vote "now means I can do my job without the fear of going to jail", said Grainne McDermott, a doctor who works in intensive care in a Dublin hospital. This is the removal of a healthy baby in utero.

While some countries have conditions such as requiring authorisation by one or more doctors in place, these are not always a barrier in practice, she said.

The referendum result in the Republic of Ireland may increase pressure on Northern Ireland to follow suit. The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 1.6 percent.

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How do laws in Australia compare?

While it's technically illegal in New South Wales and Queensland, it is lawful if a woman's mental or physical health is at risk. In New South Wales, that also includes financial and social stress. The outcome for an abortion include a fine and/or a maximum 14-year prison sentence.

Varadkar "said the expected overwhelming win for the yes side was the 'culmination of a quiet revolution in Ireland, '" The Guardian reported.

Voters over 65 were the only age group overall not supporting the repeal of the amendment.

"Suddenly, Irish citizens had gone far ahead of where the country's laws were at on abortion", Doyle said.

Ultimately, there was no abortion. The newspaper that makes the strong case for abortion as an issue of economic equality, with those most vulnerable disproportionately affected by crisis pregnancies and unable to afford travel overseas? This proposed legislation envisages the legalization of abortions up to the 12th week of pregnancy.

Despite the images put up by anti-abortion groups, Kaposy, a lecturer in bioethics at Memorial University in Canada, claimed that liberalized reforms would not be a pretext for abortions, since in most cases screening tests reveal the syndrome only at 13 weeks and later, and the condition according to him, does not pose fatal health risks to the would-be mother and nor to the embryo.

More than 66 percent of voters backed repealing the constitutional ban on terminations, triggering scenes of tearful jubilation in Dublin after an emotional campaign.

"If this feels isolating for me, can't imagine how lonely it must be 4 her, travelling 2 the United Kingdom", wrote Gaffney, referring to women who travel to England to have abortions.

But the debate hasn't necessarily been generational.

"This is a referendum on the right to life. I believe God is the giver of life", the 78-year-old said, adding that he credits God with helping him overcome alcohol addiction.

Keane, who is studying law, had one worry - that men who supported abortion rights would stay home.

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