Here's a good reason for you to sleep in this weekend

Glen Mclaughlin
May 29, 2018

The study revealed that participants who were suffering from a lack of sleep had five times more attention lapses and their reaction time was doubled during tests. The study also demonstrates that sleeping too much or too little heightens our risk of death; if people sleep less than 5 hours or if they sleep over 9 hours per night then they're at a higher risk of death than people who sleep between 6 to 7 hours per night. But a professor from the Stress Research Institute at Stockholm University said perhaps short sleepers are catching up on some of the sleep they missed on the other days. A cohort of 43,880 subjects was followed for 13 years through record‐linkages.

Researchers took various factors into account, such as gender, education, body mass index, severe disease, use of hypnotics (like sleeping pills, ) as well as things like smoking, alcohol intake, physical activity, coffee intake and employment status.

On the flip side, those who slept more than eight hours a night had higher mortality rates as well. This study was not an experiment, Akerstedt emphasized, and these data can not show that short or long sleep is responsible for higher mortality. Monday was found to be the day of the week when people feel the least energetic. Those older than 65, the standard retirement age in Sweden, on average reported no difference in weekend sleep duration - they slept for just under seven hours every night, all seven days. Will the findings of this study motivate you to change your sleep habits.

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Self-reporting may be considered a limitation of the study, but researchers note it's a practical way to accumulate large-scale data.

"I think people like the idea that you can compensate for lost sleep", Åkerstedt said.

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