New Fallout game teased by Bethesda

Laverne Mann
May 30, 2018

Update: It looks like Bethesda is live on Twitch too, though all we're seeing at the moment is the same image teased on Twitter with a plastic Pip-Boy standing in the foreground.

Okay Fallout fans, time to grab your tin-foil hats and speculate what this could possibly mean, which in all honesty could be a number of things.

The tweet doesn't give much context, but it includes a retro-looking GIF that may be a nod to the Fallout series' old-school aesthetic. We might hear that they're now working on Fallout 5. They have a conference set for E3 2018 and despite that, they appear to be already teasing major announcements.

Predictably, speculation is rife - one emerging theory is, with this October being the 10th anniversary of Fallout 3, a remaster or remake is on the way.

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An actual sequel to New Vegas would also be welcome, and original developer Obsidian Entertainment has admitted in the past that they'd love to make New Vegas 2.

The good news about this tease is that Bethesda doesn't like to drag out release dates after a game has been revealed.

A similar teaser has been posted on Bethesda's official Twitter but without further explanation.

Hopefully, the stream will reveal something about this new Fallout project soon so we know if our dreams of a new Fallout Tactics games should be put to rest forever.

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