Things You Probably Missed In The Epic Pokemon Let’s GO Switch Trailer

Laverne Mann
May 30, 2018

The trailer had a lot of information and because the event wasn't live-streamed, a wealth of information trickled out without much context.

The Pokemon franchise has been around for two decades, and includes trading cards, arcade games, anime and manga series, as well as titles for Nintendo's handheld games and consoles.

It was also revealed in the Q&A after that separate Switch accounts would have their own saves, meaning that you wouldn't need to buy separate copies of Let's Go to share it with a partner/family member.

Pokemon Let's Go will allow players to unlock a brand new Pokemon when they link their game to Pokemon Go.

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Along with a new Switch controller in the shape of a Poke Ball, the variety of gaming scenarios involving the various gadgets and games might risk befuddling many adults, but will make ideal sense to kids and Pokemon-generation gamers. The two new games go on sale November 16 at 5,980 yen ($55) apiece. Nintendo's partnership with Pokemon is deep.

This new side-game puts the player in direct control of their preferred Pokemon, and seems to revolve around fighting other types using the attacks we all know and love.

Dedicated trainers can also splash out on a Poke Ball Plus, a special controller that will let you feel your Pokemon prey trapped inside it, and has motion controls, lights vibration, and sounds. A leaked list of Alolan Pokemon in Pokemon GO appeared earlier this week, confirming that basically every Alolan Pokemon is already prepped to launch in the game.

As for the whole "free-to-start" thing, players can expect to get a taste for the game without having to drop any of their hard-earned cash on the experience.

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