Manafort Associate Konstantin Kilimnik Indicted In Mueller Probe

Marsha Scott
June 9, 2018

The other big story out of this indictment is that a former member of Russian military intelligence (GRU), Konstantin Kilimnik, was indicted as a co-conspirator to Manafort's plan.

Manafort's trial is set for September 17.

Kilimnik is a longtime associate of Manafort.

In the case of the former Mr. Manafort reached out to suggest they talk about details of matters under investigation. It only means that Manafort will have to answer for his alleged witness tampering in two ways, with respect to bail and at trial.

The indictment took the number of people indicted by the 13-month-old investigation by independent counsel Robert Mueller to 20, with three companies also indicted. "A defendant in a drug case would have his release revoked and be sent to jail pending trial for violating the terms of his release like this".

Prosecutors already claimed that Manafort misled federal authorities for years about his lobbying work in the United States for Ukrainian politicians before he joined the Trump campaign.

"Basically P wants to give him a quick summary that he says to everybody (which is true) that our friends never lobbied in the U.S., and the goal of the program was EU", Kilimnik wrote.

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Kilimnik, a former army-trained linguist with alleged ties to Russian intelligence, was included in an updated, lengthened indictment of Manafort that accused both of witness tampering.

The new charges will factor heavily into whether U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson allows Manafort to remain on house arrest. Manafort has pleaded not guilty to a raft of charges, from money-laundering to failing to register as a foreign agent, to bank and tax fraud.

The legal pressure on Paul Manafort is growing - and now one of his top deputies is joining him in the prosecutorial crosshairs.

In 2006, the year he reportedly began working for [Russian oligarch Oleg] Deripaska, Manafort bought a condo in Trump Tower for $3,675,000 through an LLC called John Hannah. Prosecutors allege that amounts to trying to get everyone on the same page since everyone involved knew they had lobbied Congress on behalf of Ukraine.

Kilimnik, once described as "Manafort's Manafort", worked for Manafort's political consulting firm, Davis Manafort Partners International in Kiev, Ukraine. Kilimnik has denied such ties.

The witnesses would eventually rat out Manafort and Kilimnik to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Because as Renato and I detailed in our piece yesterday, for bail purposes the judge must only determine by the relatively low probable cause standard that Manafort attempted to tamper with witnesses.

"Conspiracy is. But if Trump's campaign chair conspiring with a suspected Russian operative isn't "collusion, ' what is?" Kilimnik told The Washington Post they emailed and spoke frequently.

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