Unhurried hurricanes: Study says tropical cyclones slowing

Audrey Hill
June 9, 2018

Taken together, these two studies suggest that climate change is already increasing the dangers posed by hurricanes and typhoons in far more ways than previously thought, and it will continue to compound numerous hazards, especially the threat of severe flooding.

He said Hurricane Harvey in Texas previous year was a dramatic example of the consequences of a slow-moving or "stalled" tropical cyclone.

And that was before slowpoke Harvey hit past year.

In the western north Pacific, the slowdown's been 30 percent; in the "Australian" region it's 19 percent. But when Atlantic storms hit land - like Harvey - the study said the slowdown is a significant 20 percent. But one scientist with the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration chose to look back in time, to see what happened in the past.

The study is in Wednesday's journal Nature. Wind speeds within the storm remain high, but the whole system itself moves slower across the landscape, allowing punishing rains to linger longer over communities. A slow storm increases the risk of damaging floods. Instead, it means the tracks of the storms have slowed, allowing them to hover in one location for longer periods of time.

He said beyond the changes in regularity and intensity of cyclones, their very "behaviour" was being affected by climate change.

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Climate change is tinkering with and slowing down atmospheric circulation patterns - the wind currents that move weather along, Kossin said.

"The poles tend to become disproportionately warmer than the tropics do under global warming", Kossin said.

"Nothing good can come of a slower storm", Kossin told Mashable.

"Roughly 7 percent more water vapor per degree C of warming", Kossin said.

"What we're seeing nearly certainly reflects both natural and human-caused changes", Kossin said.

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