SUPREME SHOWDOWN: Trump Creates CONFIRMATION Team as the Left Vows to Fight

Marsha Scott
July 3, 2018

Trump's second Supreme Court pick will replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, the Ronald Reagan appointee who has served as a swing vote on the court.

Collins noted that she was in favor of moving forward with a nominee in the next couple months, so a new justice could be in place by the time the Supreme Court's next term begins in October.

"So a nominee's position on whether or not they respect precedent will tell me a lot about whether or not they would overturn Roe v. Wade", she explained.

Recently the court ruled, 5-4, in favour of the Trump administration's ban people from eight countries visiting the United States, which opponents characterised as a religious ban on Muslims even though it applied to Venezuela and North Korea. Susan Collins (R-ME) about her history of getting "played' by confirming judges who believe that abortion right for women should be restricted or abolished".

"I want to be clear that a vote for any of the proposed nominees on Trump's list is a vote to overturn Roe v. Wade", said Ezra Levin, co-founder of the protest group Indivisible.

"Well, I hope they keep thinking about it", Trump said of Democrats like Sen.

Trump responded by saying he assumed overturning Roe would happen "automatically" if he was able to appoint two or three justices to the bench as president.

US President Donald Trump has appointed an Indian-American official, Raj Shah, to a key role in the contentious process of the appointment of the next justice of the Supreme Court, the White House announced on Monday. Pryor was a top finalist to replace Justice Antonin Scalia's seat a year ago, but sources say Pryor has been eliminated this time around.

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Collins said Trump had told her personally he would not ask potential nominees about their position on Roe, despite his having said as a candidate that he would take a nominee's willingness to reverse Roe as a litmus test. Vice-president Mike Pence, an outspoken evangelical Christian, has called for Roe to be relegated to "the ash heap of history".

Collins said she and fellow Republican Sen.

Such a judge, she said, "would not be acceptable to me because that would indicate an activist agenda".

The court is split with five judges nominated by Republican presidents and four by Democrats, ruling on many cases along ideological lines.

49 percent of Independents would support the Democratic candidate, compared to 35 percent who would vote Republican.

In the same interview, which was taped Friday at the White House, the president said that he has been advised not to ask potential nominees about where they stand on Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 ruling on abortion.

"They're going to get beaten so badly", Trump said.

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