Thai Cave Rescuer Threatens to Sue Elon Musk Over ‘Pedo’ Remark

Marcus Newton
July 17, 2018

British rescuer Vern Unsworth says he is considering legal action against United States billionaire Elon Musk after he made an unfounded and disparaging claim he was a "pedo", or pedophile, in a now-deleted tweet.

Musk attacked British diver Vern Unsworth, who had dismissed the Tesla chief's efforts to help the rescue mission for the 12 boys as a "PR stunt" in a widely seen interview on CNN.

Musk was responding to an interview with Mr Unsworth where he said a child-sized submarine had "absolutely no chance of working".

Elon Musk is taking heat for controversial comments he made against a diver who assisted in the Thai cave rescue. "The submarine, I believe, was about 5ft 6in long, rigid, so it wouldn't have gone round corners or round any obstacles".

Meanwhile, Musk made a decision to attack the diver who criticized his ill-fated submarine. "But I think people realise what sort of guy he is".

He had not had contact with Musk throughout the rescue operation nor since - a situation he hopes will not change. "I'm certain they wish he would be a more cautious tweeter".

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Musk even doubled down on his "pedo" claim when challenged on Twitter, saying "bet ya a signed dollar it's true".

Unsworth said he had saved copies of Musk's tweets and believed he had "lost the plot".

Several British elite divers flew to the region to help with the rescue at the request of Thai authorities.

"The caver told AFP he would make a decision when he flies back to the United Kingdom this week, but said the episode with Musk 'ain't finished, '" the news agency reported. "I don't know the guy, never met the guy, and don't want to meet the guy", he said.

Last week, Musk also took to Twitter to pledge to help Flint, Mich., residents affected by the city's water crisis, replying to a user that he would commit to "fund fixing the water in any house in Flint that has water contamination above FDA levels".

In the past few months, Musk (the CEO of Tesla, The Boring Company, and SpaceX) has repeatedly inserted himself into the news cycle - usually through tweeting. He's used the social network to promote his companies, spar with short sellers who are betting against Tesla shares and needle journalists who question the businesses' prospects.

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