Fortnite birthday event features themed unlockables

Laverne Mann
July 25, 2018

If it feels like the Save the World mode is getting a little more love than the Battle Royale mode, that's because this birthday is a celebration of when the game's Save the World mode launched. Patch 5.10 has been implemented, though some players are now unable to access the birthday challenges - the official Fortnite Twitter account clarified this would be resolved by 8pm EST (US) or midnight GMT (UK). The birthday cake event begins TODAY (July 24) and will run until Tuesday August 7, for a total of three weeks.

Fans can now find birthday cakes placed around the map with consumable slices next to them.

With each Birthday Challenge that you complete you'll unlock a slice of the birthday cosmetic set that you can don on when hitting up the world of Fortnite. Now the Slurp Juice gives 25 shield and 25 health over a duration of 25 seconds. So it's no wonder that Epic Games has made some big changes to celebrate Fortnite's birthday.

There are now ten different locations where we know you can find birthday cake and once you get there you just need to perform a dance emote. It's best to check the accompanying image with the suggestion (which we've included below) to get a better picture. Playground was available for a short time earlier this summer, and as of July 25, it's going to be available for players to experience again.

Remember when it didn't have Battle Royale?

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The new compact submachine gun has a 50-round capacity and uses light bullets.

Epic Games is giving Fortnite players a chance to return to the playground this week.

Expect patch notes and a specific time to drop sooner rather than later - Epic has a habit of announcing what's changing before it actually goes live.

The limited-time challenges will let players unlock birthday-themed sprays, emoticons and back bling, as well as bonus XP to celebrate the occasion.

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