Fortnite Android Release Is Coming, But Not Through The Google Play Store

Laverne Mann
August 4, 2018

That's going to create a lot of problems. This means that Note 9 owners will get access to Fortnite first, then there will be a period where owners of other Samsung devices will get to play it.

So, when can Android players expect to start winning, winning, chicken dinnering? It's beaten out earlier competitors in the "battle royale" genre with a cartoony art style and consistent additions to weapons and gameplay mechanics. Whether or not it can maintain its wrecking ball momentum has yet to be seen, but when it finally arrives on Android it will instantly be played by millions of people at the very least.

Sweeney goes on to explain that the version of Android that a device is running isn't a "determining factor".

The company is bypassing Google's Play Store for financial reasons as well as to have a "direct relationship" with its customers.

The only true Fortnite download for Android isn't out just yet. Let us know in the comments section below. Inexperienced users, notably children, do not, opening them up to rogue installations of malware, spyware, and other generally undesirable stuff. Epic Games plans to release Fortnite for Android soon, but you won't find it on the Play Store.

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Although it has yet to be confirmed by either Samsung or Epic Games, a report last week claimed that when Fortnite finally launches on Android, it will be exclusive to the Galaxy Note 9 for a limited time. Fortnite is a free to play game, and so all of the money it makes is from in-game purchases for costumes, dance moves, and more. The game makes millions of dollars for Epic, and combined with the fact that the games changes and evolves so rapidly, Google will be missing out big here. For instance, instead of distributing Fortnite through Steam, the firm has its own launcher on Windows.

"You should look carefully at the source of software you're installing, and only install software from sources you trust", said Sweeney. If Epic could cut Apple, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo out of the loop of its microtransaction profits, it would.

It will be the same case here for Fortnite on Android. Currently, several fake Fortnite APKs are online.

As for potential security risks or scams, Sweeney said "Open platforms are an expression of freedom: the freedom of users to install the software they choose, and the freedom of developers to release software as they wish".

That's sage advice, but it's advice that he's making it harder to follow. Speaking to The Verge, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney revealed that the team will distribute the game directly through its website rather than on Google's storefront, letting players download a Fortnite installer program that will install the game on compatible devices.

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