Nintendo announces more fighters and a new mystery for ‘Smash Brothers Ultimate’

Laverne Mann
August 9, 2018

The news comes from Nintendo's UKVS Twitter handle, giving us an image of the retail packaging for the upcoming game bundle.

The latest Nintendo Direct has landed, delivering a whole boatload of new Smash Bros.

With all of these Castlevania-related additions to Smash Bros., one would think that a new Castlevania game is on the way, right? The vampire hunter could be seen sporting his classic look/attire while he fended off demons and rival Smash characters. These include Dracula's Castle from the Castlevania series and New Donk City Hall from the Super Mario Odyssey game. He kicked off the Super Smash Bros. However, with Ultimate, Nintendo has also announced the inclusion of characters from Castlevania.

As revealed at the very end of the presentation, you'll also be able to play as King K. Rool from the Donkey Kong Country games. The big lizard sports his regal attire and is also capable of donning his pirate captain costume.

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The "king of the kremlings", so to speak, has been a popular fan request for some time, and he'll bring some unique moves along with his fearsome countenance to the game. King K. Rool looks to be a powerhouse on par with King DeDeDe. Ultimate all launching within three months of one another. Could this be the return of an adventure/ story mode to Super Smash Bros. Both this and Stage Morph are two features I never knew I wanted, but here we go with what's shaping up to really be the Ultimate game series. The new Stamina Battle mode has fighters fight until all stamina is lost and there's one fighter left standing.

It'll also feature more than 800 tracks to listen to in battle. Sakurai made a point to say stages are being rebalanced, with the Fountain itself looking a little wider than its original design. The series's producer, Masahiro Sakurai, promised during the Direct that all of the game's fighters would be announced well before Smash Ultimate's release.

While we probably could have grouped Training mode in with the rest of the other game modes, it definitely deserves its own mention. His Final Smash is the Grand Cross, which locks an opponent in an explosive coffin.

New fighters, new stages, AND every fighter ever featured in the series... A Squad Strike mode will allow players to do battle in 5 vs 5 or 3 vs 3 formats, and as always all game play options can be enjoyed on-the-go. And since Nintendo Switch can be played anywhere, these tournaments can even take place in unexpected places!

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