Captain Marvel learns about her true origins in the new trailer

Calvin Saunders
December 5, 2018

She's been struck by some weapon that emits some blue, crackling energy and lies helpless on the ground as someone in a green outfit approaches her. Is there anything else I'm missing?

Also, we know that the Avengers 4 trailer is set to arrive on Wednesday, so this is a pretty great week to be an MCU fan!

We did like the mini reveals the trailer gave us; the hint about Jude Law's character being a Kree villain, the easter egg of Fury meeting Carol's cat (which could be an alien!) and of course, Marvel's binary form. Viewers then witness another scene, where Captain Marvel is explaining her race of "noble warrior heroes" on a auto ride. The Kree want Carol to fight the Kree-Skrull war, but Carol wants to end it.

In October, Evans posted a heartfelt message on Twitter that he had officially wrapped filming on "Avengers 4".

Though Avengers 4 is now scheduled to arrive in Europe one week earlier than North America, it's easy to see from a marketing perspective why the studio would want the domestic and worldwide schedules to be in sync, especially when you consider how spoiler-conscious Marvel is being these days.

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The film follows Carol Danvers, an Air Force pilot who became endowed with incredible cosmic powers and is now part of a cosmic team known as the Starforce. Many hope with the success of the Captain Marvel movie, a new era of prominence for the character will usher in, and Captain Marvel will take her rightful place as the flagship hero of the Marvel Universe. "We found you with no memory and made you one of us, so you could live longer, stronger, superior".

We've heard a few times now that Captain Marvel is going to eschew the typical origin story format, but this trailer does put a focus on that very thing.

Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, who also contributed to writing the script, directs. "I'm whole-heartedly for Captain, she is a cutie", one wrote in Russian, while another responded: "Epic!"

"Something in my past is the key to all of this", she says.

"The second trailer sheds more light on Marvel Studios" upcoming film. While some questioned her suitability for the role, Kelly Sue Deconnick, who wrote the groundbreaking Captain Marvel comic, told Vanity Fair she was "psyched" about the casting. For now, it's all about the most powerful hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as this latest trailer shows her full-on powered up mode kicking some serious cosmic butt!

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